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Discover our revolutionary healthcare app that streamlines behavior collection for clinicians. You’ll say goodbye to tedious data entry with our efficient approach, and free up more time to focus on your client learners.
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Focus on clients, not paperwork

Client Learning Behavior Tracking Software

Fast & Easy Onboarding

Train your team in minutes—BCBAs learn to use Raven Health in under an hour, and RBTs in as little as 15 minutes.

Simplify Data Collection

Centralize client data all-in-one place for easy organization and streamlined tracking. Our graphing software allows effortless customization and intuitive visual representation tailored to your needs.

Mobile – First
ABA Software

Raven Health’s mobile-first app works on any device, even offline. Your data syncs seamlessly when you’re reconnected.

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The Support You Need, from Start to Finish

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Client Intake

Streamline the client intake process for clinic owners while prioritizing data security. No data is shared with third parties, and all data is encrypted in transit, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of patient records. Experience frictionless management of patient records and ABA session notes, allowing for seamless workflows and peace of mind.


Raven Health’s intuitive user experience makes it easy to schedule sessions and update your client calendar using our simple ABA scheduling software.

Data Collection

Raven Health’s approachable interface makes it easy to type and complete session notes faster than you knew was possible. The reporting suite sets you up for behavior analysis data collection and VB-MAPP assessment tracking with a simple tap of the screen.

Technical Support

Our customer support team is always here to help. We offer onboarding assistance, unparalleled technical support, and a collaborative roadmap, incorporating user feedback, so your ABA practice is set up for success.

Designed For Clinicians

Data Collection Doesn’t Belong In a 3-Ring Binder

Raven just works. Built to be a seamless and frustration-free part of your workday — whether you’re a clinician, director, or administrator — Raven has features that will save you time and allow you to keep the focus on clients.

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clinician and child
clinician and child
With Raven Health’s easy and intuitive ABA data collection platform, you can onboard your staff in under an hour and increase utilization and tracked sessions, while decreasing turnover and preventing BCBA burnout.

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