Efficient Scheduling & Managing Client Sessions

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View appointments, availability, and seamlessly schedule patient appointments.

Effortless ABA Scheduling

Raven’s scheduling platform streamlines the process of booking and managing clients one-time or automating recurring appointments, straightforward. All you’ll ever have to do is select a date, time, client, staff member, and a billing code!

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Raven Health App Scheduling Page
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Enhanced Calendar Visualization

Raven’s scheduling platform provides a multitude of viewable scheduling options using color coding, making it easier for clinicians to see appointment statuses and type and locations for multiple staff and clients at once.

Enhanced Data Organization

Raven scheduling platform gives clinicians one centralized location to view historical or finish outstanding session notes easily simplifying session record-keeping.

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Who We Best Serve

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Clinicians looking for a simple, clear, and easy-to-use scheduling software, Raven Health is optimized to support your needs when it comes to your ABA therapy practice. Easy ABA scheduling software offers a range of benefits that optimize clinicians’ time, support client care, and contribute to the overall success of ABA therapy practices.

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Clinical Directors

ABA scheduling empowers clinical directors to improve operations, enhance client care, lead their practices more efficiently, and prevent clinician burnout. It simplifies scheduling tasks, provides data-driven insights, and supports strategic decision-making for practice success and growth.

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Clinical Administrators

For administrators looking to streamline operations, Raven Health’s ABA therapy scheduling facilitates operational ease, saves administrative time, and optimizes staff management. Our platform visualizes and simplifies daily ABA schedules, leading to accessible use for your team and practice success.

Who We’ve Worked With

Olive Behavior Care
Stonington Public Schools
Metro West Learning Center
Kaisora Child Development Center
Behavioral Independence
Au Some Behaviors LLC
Cornerstone Autism Center

“Raven Health is everything a clinic needs to interface with their patients and staff.

From scheduling to creating patient programs, Raven Health has made data collection easy.

— Damian

Our Process

Designed to Help You Move Your Team Forward

Step 1: Discovery

Our objective is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your ABA practice to provide optimal support. During the Discovery phase, we will delve into your unique work processes and specific requirements. This includes thorough discussions on client intake, scheduling, assessment methodologies, ABA measurement methods, data collection practices, and billing procedures. Our aim is to cover all aspects of your practice to ensure tailored assistance that meets your needs.

Step 2: Demo

With your needs in mind, we will present everything that Raven Health can do for you. We will show you how to seamlessly schedule sessions, easily export data, build reports, create custom treatment plans, data collection, and more. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share any individual needs.

Step 3: Get Started

We prioritize an intuitive onboarding experience for your team, allowing you to focus on your work. Our comprehensive on-demand training library ensures easy adoption. Our dedicated customer support is available for any inquiries, and we value your feedback to continually enhance your app experience.

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Visualize and organize your ABA schedule with ease using Raven Health’s enhanced ABA scheduling. Maximize productivity and deliver personalized care to your clients for optimal outcomes. Ready to learn more? Book a demo and a member of our team will reach out to connect.