by | May 3, 2024

ABA Startup Bootcamp: Client Enrollment

Welcome back to our blog series tailored for BCBA entrepreneurs embarking on the journey of opening their own ABA therapy clinics. Having covered the basics of payor contracting and credentialing in our previous posts, today we focus on another essential topic: the client enrollment process with payors. This process is vital for ensuring that your clients are covered under their insurance plans for the services you provide, which in turn secures your clinic’s revenue stream and supports financial stability.

Understanding Client Enrollment with Payors

Client enrollment with payors is the process through which your clients’ insurance coverage is verified and authorized for the services offered by your clinic. It involves confirming that the services you provide are covered under the clients’ health insurance plans and understanding the terms of coverage.

Why is Client Enrollment Important?

Properly enrolling clients with their respective payors ensures that:

  • Your clinic can bill for services rendered without facing denials for lack of authorization.
  • Clients receive their entitled benefits, which enhances client satisfaction and retention.
  • Your clinic maintains compliance with insurance regulations and payor contracts.

Key Steps in the Client Enrollment Process

  1. Collect Client Information
  • At the initial point of contact or during the first visit, collect all necessary client information, including personal details, insurance information, and medical History.

2. Verify Insurance Coverage

  • Use the information provided to verify insurance coverage through the payor’s online portal or via phone. Confirm the client’s eligibility for the services you provide and understand any co-pays, deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses the client might be responsible for.

3. Obtain Required Authorizations

  • ABA Therapy almost always requires pre-authorization from the insurance provider. It’s crucial to obtain these authorizations before starting treatment to ensure coverage. This might involve submitting treatment plans or assessment reports to justify the necessity of the therapy.

4. Communicate with Clients

  • Clearly communicate with clients about their coverage details and any financial responsibilities they may have. Transparency helps in building trust and managing expectations.

5. Documentation and Compliance

  • Keep detailed records of all interactions with insurance providers, authorizations obtained, and notes on client coverage. These documents are vital for billing and compliance.

6. Regular Updates

  • Regularly update client records and verify changes in insurance coverage. Insurance details can change, and staying updated helps in avoiding billing issues.

Tips for an Efficient Client Enrollment Program

  • Leverage Technology: Use practice management software that supports insurance verification and authorization tracking. Many systems like Raven Health offer integrations with major insurance databases to streamline verification, authorization tracking, and more.
  • Train Your Team: Ensure that your front office staff is well-trained in insurance verification processes and client communication. They are often the first point of contact and play a critical role in the client enrollment process.
  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated with changes in insurance policies and healthcare regulations that affect ABA therapy coverage.
  • Create a Client Welcome Kit: Include information on how clients can verify their own coverage, terms of their insurance, and FAQs about ABA therapy coverage, which can preemptively answer many client questions.


Client enrollment is a crucial step in managing your ABA therapy clinic’s operations effectively. By ensuring that your clients are properly enrolled with their payors, you safeguard your clinic’s ability to operate profitably while providing necessary services to your clients. Stay tuned for more insights in our next installment, where we will explore strategies to enhance client engagement and satisfaction in your clinic. Remember, an informed approach to client enrollment not only supports your business’s bottom line but also enhances your service delivery, contributing to the overall success of your ABA therapy clinic.