by | Oct 25, 2022

Why We Prioritize User Feedback

At Raven, one of our guiding principles is active listening. Our company culture is built around the idea that everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard, and we all have something of value to contribute. Serving the autism community has taught us that voices from diverse backgrounds add insight and nuance to our collective knowledge.

Without actively listening to new perspectives, we close ourselves off from creativity and positive change. That is why we extend our core value of listening to our user base. Our product was built for behavior technicians, and we recognize that we have so much to learn from the people in a position to use Raven every day.

Incorporating feedback, requests, and insights from the people we aim to serve ensures that we stay on track and deliver a best-in-class product that is tailor-made to meet our users’ needs.

The Raven Health User Feedback Portal

Our app was designed to save time and add convenience for autism behavior analysts as they track the behaviors and skill development of their clients. In addition to the features you know and love, we are proud to operate and maintain a user feedback portal that is integral to the process of learning, using, and updating the Raven Health app.

On the feedback portal, Raven users can request new features, and enhancements to existing features, as well as upvote other users’ requests. Every two weeks, the topmost upvoted requests are directly analyzed by our product team for inclusion into our roadmap for new developments and updates to the platform. All you need is Raven Health log-in credentials to begin contributing to the conversation and helping us further develop the app.

In addition to the Roadmap View and the ability to give feedback, the user feedback portal also has a changelog where you can read about all of the updates we have made to the product thus far. Our goal is to keep our users in the know about the changes they can expect to see from Raven and keep ourselves accountable to our goal of continuously improving the platform.

Why User Feedback Matters

Prioritizing user feedback ensures that Raven stays true to the needs of our user base and incorporates the latest trends and advancements in the ABA therapy field. We can identify commonalities in user needs across a variety of settings and push those features to the forefront of our development. Raven incorporates feedback from users based in a wide array of settings including clinic-based ABA therapy providers, school-based BCBAs, and adult residential programs, ensuring that user experience always drives our product development.

As we navigate the landscape of an underserved client base, Raven prioritizes listening to our users to continuously improve our product. Doing so helps us make sure that ABA providers are benefiting from using the best technology out there. These benefits are wide-reaching, as every part of the behavior therapy business depends on diligent and seamless ABA data collection for billing insurance, measuring progress, and planning future care.

Our product development has always been informed and guided by BCBAs. Whether you deliver clinic-based care, school-based care, or operate a private practice, we want to hear from you as you use Raven to fulfill your ABA data collection needs. Our commitment to listening and incorporating user feedback is central to our vision of success: delivering an ABA technology solution that makes life easier for our users.